A Barista with Flair

Sam joined Gather & Gather in January 2018 after completing a work placement through Well Grounded, the specialty coffee training academy that changes lives.  Her placement was so successful that Sam was offered a permanent role where she works as a Barista.

Before completing the Well Grounded training working in coffee was not something Sam had ever thought of as a career choice.  Well Grounded and Gather & Gather showed her the possibilities that a career in coffee can be so much more depending on how determined you are to keep learning and exploring, as there are always new practices cropping up in the industry.


Sam has been so successful as a Barista that she was selected as a finalist in Gather & Gather’s Barista of the Year competition.

“There have been numerous opportunities within Gather & Gather to progress as well as training and development to enhance my skills as a barista.”
Sam Rodrigues