Well Grounded

Well Grounded is a Specialty Coffee Training Academy, changing lives. They link people looking for work with an industry looking for talent. We are proud to have several Well Grounded Graduates within our Gather & Gather family. 

Our work with Well Grounded was one of the highlights of 2017 and 2018 for everyone at Gather & Gather. Watching the development of our graduates from tentative classroom students, through nervous work experience trainees, to confident highly skilled baristas was an absolute joy.


With skilled Baristas in such short supply it is critical we support the new and innovative ways of filling the growing requirement. Gather & Gather fund 4 weeks of intensive training at Well Grounded. All 10 Trainees are then offered a one-week training placement in one of our restaurants or cafes.

"Supporting the work Eve and the team do at Well Grounded will be an ongoing focus for 2018, and beyond, with our aim being to widen the scope of the work we do together, and help more people into work as skilled baristas - we're also supporting the trailblazer scheme for Head Baristas, are looking to work together with our sister company Creativevents. These are exciting times and I am delighted we are sharing them with an organisation such as Well Grounded. "
Rob Fredrickson, MD - London & Creativevents