We are excited to launch our latest coffee offering – exclusive single origin espresso Camino from Peru, sourced direct from smallholder farmers and roasted in small batches in London by leading UK artisan roaster Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. 

Camino is aimed at those wanting to move from standard coffee offering into the world of speciality coffee, delivering a deliciously sweet espresso and sourced ethically with a fully transparent supply chain. 

Our coffee is called Camino – Spanish for Path, Journey – to bring to life our long-term journey with farmer partners in Peru.

Tasting notes

It is a delicious, naturally sweet espresso grown at high altitude in the hills of Peru by a group of 70 smallholder farmers. It has the perfect balance of natural sweetness and gentle acidity. Tasted as a pure espresso look out for notes of red berry jam, dark chocolate and walnut. In a flat white you will experience a smooth chocolate truffle, hobnob biscuit and roasted hazelnut flavour. Finally, in a latte you will taste flavours of sponge cake, vanilla and cashew nut. 

why union

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee was chosen as partner for the project thanks to their ethical supply chain and credentials, as well as supporting a local business. Union has won ‘Best European Roaster’ award three times and was also awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Enterprise in 2017.


Working together with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee and our farmer partners in Peru, we are launching a project to help farmers improve the quality of coffee by investing in training and infrastructure for coffee processing. More than just paying a fair price for our coffee, we are looking to create sustainable, long term change at origin.  We will share updates of our project throughout the year.