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4 rib eye steaks cut 1 inch thick

Everyday BBQ Spice Rub

125g Maldon salt
100g cracked black pepper
25g garlic salt
150g dark brown sugar
150g caster sugar
75g paprika


5g Cumin seed
5g Caraway seeds
5g Coriander seeds
10g Fennel seeds
2 Bay leaves

Korean Slaw

1 fennel finely sliced
1 stick celery finely sliced
1 red onion finely sliced
1 baby gem lettuce cut thickly length ways
1 apple, cut into small cubes
1 spring onion finely sliced
2 tsp black sesame seeds
2tsp kimchi paste

Kimchi Paste

50g gochugaru (Korean chilli powder)
50g slated shrimps
50g anchovie fillets
50g peeled garlic
50g peeled ginger
50g light brown sugar
50g soft brown sugar
50ml soy sauce
2 green chillies



Toast the spices in a dry pan over a hot flame until they start to lightly brown slightly, then blitz in a spice grinder, mix with all the other ingredients, keep in a jar until needed.

Korean Slaw

Mix together all the ingredients except for the spring onion and sesame seeds, use this as garnish once the slaw is well mixed and transfer to a dish.

Kimchi Paste

Blend all the ingredients together until it forms a smooth paste.  This can be made in advance and kept in the fridge in a sealed jar until needed.


To cook the steaks, rub a little oil into the meat, then rub in a teaspoon of the everyday spice mix well into the meat.
Cook over coals, turning repeatedly until nicely charred and cooked to your liking in the middle.

“Neil’s everyday rub is a great seasoning for any red meats or oily fish, it can transform a piece of meat with lots of flavour and spicy notes, whilst the sweetness helps to caramelise the meat.”
Jeremy Ford, Director of Food

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